Black Walnut Festival

Chad was in Kansas City that day for classes & I had pictures that evening, so Liam and me stayed behind.  We did have fun though.  Although, after the day I said I would never go to another parade without my husband.
Things started out pretty good. All in good spirits.
Sadie was a pro with her whistling skills (aka- put your fingers to your mouth & let out a high pitch squeal).
Then Liam got a little sugar into his system. He hated the idea of collecting candy to put it into a bag. He began beating me to the tootsie rolls & shoving them in his mouth (wrapper & all) before I could get to him.
I just like these pictures below because of Sadie's awesome jumping in the background :)
And then, with every sugar high, there comes a low. (or maybe he was a little frustrated with me since I kept "stealing" his candy, I wouldn't let him go out and join the parade, & then we he threw a fit, I took pictures of it).

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