Christmas traditions

When I think of holiday traditions, one comes to mind.  A tradition that began with my grandma Freestone & continued with my mom.  We always had to drink a large glass of juice before we could go in to see our Christmas presents.

For some reason, the glass of juice seemed insurmountable.  Always a struggle to guzzle down.  One year the juice selection was V8 juice.  That year was especially tough.

Now I have my own little family.  We're deciding which traditions we want to carry on & start.  One we've adopted from Chad's family is the baking & decorating of sugar cookies. My third time with the tradition.   Here's how things looked this year.


  1. Yummy! I can't wait to make some for us to eat, I made some for bens work cookie exchange and I nearly died giving all of them away but a few I broke : ) you guys are such a beautiful family, love all the pictures

  2. I am in love with the colors that your camera captures. Are they edited? How? Or do I just need to practice much much more to get my photos to capture colors like you? Most likely it is just that you are an amazing photographer. Love it.