Wilkins family pictures

This year everyone was home for Christmas.  Probably won't happen again for awhile.  So, we took some family pictures.

I won't lie, it was absolutely crazy & I wonder if I ever should take my family's pictures again. Most turned out like this-
 Everyone was complaining, we had to take them at the worst time of day in a slim piece of shade, there was a screaming baby, a stubborn dog that insisted on being in all our pictures, & coordinating outfits is a hopeless cause.  We literally had ONE picture "turn out" if you can call it that.

For family night yesterday, Chad & I wrote short autobiographies in our journals.  As I reflected on my life thus far I felt like the poor, little olive tree planted in the poorest spot of ground (Jacob 5).  We had some rough times growing up.  We've never had real stability.  There's been lots of moves & drafty houses, financial set backs, car accidents & illness.

But that poor little olive tree had to sink it's roots deep.  Despite it all, we always loved each other, had a lot of fun & my parents always stayed firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As I wrote I felt nothing but pride & gratitude for all the chaos & challenges.  It's shaped me.  And although I admit, there's been times when I've resented all the craziness, I also have to admit that I wouldn't have had things any other way.  I wouldn't want another family.  I love them.
Here's some pictures of the individual families.
The Adams-
The Reisners-
The Cooks-
The Bitters-
The Guerras-

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  1. I think the pictures turned out great. I think the first one you posted is awesome - THAT is the real deal - you have a great family.