Halloween 2013

Now that I'm seeing everyone's cute halloween pictures (to name a few, my sister...my sister in law...my cousin), I halfway wish I would've...

#1- dressed up my kids (yes, this is their pajama top)
#2- get decent shot of them together.

Chad & me were just kinda like, 'Okay, let's do this thing!'.  So I snapped a few on-the-run sort of shots, we hit up 4 houses in the neighborhood, & then we (meaning Chad & me) decided to call it a night.

Oh well. I'm sure next year with Liam being a little older, we will have no choice but to make a bigger deal out of halloween. :)
Max was like this until Chad gave him a tootsie roll...& then he decided he likes halloween.
Our cute little neighbor girl that Liam adores.
The 1st house...& then it got too dark to get any decent picture :)

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