October General Conference pictures...kinda

So remember our family tradition of taking general conference pictures (quick tangent- general conference was awesome!  My favorite talks were probably Uchtdorf & Richard G. Scott...gosh, I know I'm forgetting some.  And truth be told, I fell asleep & need to relisten to some of the talks! haha)  every april & october? Well, this year I wasn't feeling very good around conference time, so we postponed pictures. And then we thought, might as well wait for the fall leaves.

So last Sunday we met my sister at the park. I took pictures of her family & then I handed off my camera to her & she took pictures of our family. Sheena got some really good pictures of the tree...behind us...nevermind us in the foreground. But she did capture this gem. Isn't this how pictures with kids typically go?
After Sheena's lovely "scenery" pictures, we decided Bradley might be a little better with a camera. To his credit, he got some nice pictures of me & Chad (although, Chad's in trouble for one of his half hearted smiles- while I, on the other hand, look so in love & happy to be with him! haha).
Bradley also got one nice family shot where both kids were actually looking in the direction of the camera...but sadly, I handed the camera over to him with the settings slightly overexposed. Hard to recover a picture that's overexposed. The best way I know how...black & white! So here you go!
We're going to attempt these family pictures one more time. This time I've traded pictures with my cousin Rachelle. She's awesome. If the pictures don't turn out, it won't be her fault, but ours!

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  1. I think it's impressive that you guys got the kids to look anywhere near the camera - and neither of them are crying! That's a real accomplishment. And I like that shirt!