Baby Names

When we first found out we were pregnant, Chad's sister Teline said that if we named the baby Stinky Poo Guerra, she would offer us lifetime babysitting and college tuition to our firstborn. As tempting as this is, I think we'll go for something a little more traditional. In fact, I've sat here tonight with my husband googling all sorts of baby names. We've looked at baby name searches, family history, and still are unsure about what we will call this little guy. I never thought it would be this hard to pick out a name. Ironically, I have plenty of girl names that I like. So far, these are the name combinations that we've come up with-
Liam Seth
Kale Seth
Smith Hollister
Smith James
These are my thoughts on the names we've come up with so far-

Liam- We both really like this name. I've never met a Liam, but according to a google search, it's becoming quite popular. I'm not looking to name my kid after another trend.

Seth- I like the idea and meaning behind the name: he was just like his father and it means annointed.

Kale- Chad has really liked the sound of this name and found out tonight that it is the hawaiin derivative of his name. The only problem: I can't pronounce it. It comes out more like- "Kell" when I say it. (My sister Kyra informed me of my incorrect pronounciation)

Smith- I really like it's originality. It was my great grandfather's name, Chad's mom's maiden name, and the last name of Joseph Smith; but does it really pair well with Guerra?

Hollister- another original name. It was my great grandfather's middle name, but will people think I'm naming my son after the clothing store? I don't even own anything from Hollister.

James- Chad's grandfather's name- Smith James would actually be his name in reverse order.

Alright, now that I've divulged our ideas on names, none of you out there better steal any of them! We're still undecided. But we would love feedback or more ideas on names or how to pick one. :)


  1. Love love love love love the name Hollister. In fact I hate you for telling me because I know how rude it is to take a name but I love it. Smith is really great too and it works on so many different levels just like you said. Great original names. It's hard naming kids because it really is a lifetime decision and they can hate you for it. Good luck! you seem like your on the right road.

  2. ok, I like Kale and Liam but I can't pronounce Liam that much. I remembered where I hear the name Liam though. It is in Preston's potty book. It says "Liam says, have potty will travel". He picks out a potty seat and says is basically telling his parents it is going to travel with him. So, I could always give you this book and you could read it to little Liam. lol

  3. I love Smith. It is really original and can be related to so many great people like you said.
    I'm so happy for you having a little boy! that is so exciting.
    p.s. that love seat that you redid is amazing. I want to learn to do that!

  4. I understand your dilemma. Unfortunately, nobody can make the decision for you! I only have 3 more days before I need to name a baby and I'm still going back and forth on names! YIKES!!! I hope you decide sooner than I have. We never completely decide until after the baby is born. It kinda makes it easier because you can see the baby and get a better feel for what will fit. We were determined to name our Jacob, Zachary, but when he was born, Zachary just didn't fit! Jacob wasn't even one of our options!!! Anyway. Good Luck. I hope you get it figured out!

  5. Good luck with that. My guess is I am having a boy because I can only come up with girl names I like. That's just the way it always is.

    I find out in a couple weeks and then I will start playing the name game. I like it planned as soon as I find out the sex. . . Just how I roll!

    Liam is a popular name right now. I like it though.

    I don't think I have ever met a Smith or a Hollister :)

    So is this your list or are you still working on it?

  6. Kale is a veggie. But I like it. I love the name Liam. But just to let you know...we are planning on naming our next Seth. Which is fine if you name yours' Seth. But we are not stealing it from you.
    Isn't it fun thinking of names? It is my husband's favorite past time. He goes to behindthename.com on a regular basis.