My new blog!

I started a new blog that has all my photography! There's a link for it on my sidebar under Michelle Guerra photo blog or the website is www.mguerraphotography.blogspot.com. Go check it out and leave me some comments!


  1. I make my collages with Picasa 3, then go to photobucket and resize them so they are bigger. I usually save mine so the width size is 600-650 (whatever fits your blog). Did that all make sense?

  2. I actually only have one lens I use. . . that's the 50mm 1.4 I am planning on upgrading to the 50mm 1.2

    So yeah the 1.4 is a great lens :) I am not a fan of kit lenses. You will be able to tell a HUGE difference in your pictures once you get some good glass!

  3. My kids would love to be your guinea pigs! We live in Lehi which is sooo close to Highland. So yes, lets get together during Christmas. My number is 380-5623. It will be so fun to see you again!