Life has been busy! But it feels good. I've been learning to do payroll, taxes, and billing at Chad's office and there's several projects that I've taken on at home (currently it's reupholstering another couch). Because life has been so hectic, I've become queen of multi-tasking. For example, I've perfected the art of exercise that can be performed while cleaning (you should see me run in place with a vacuum cleaner, do jumping jacks while unloading the dishwasher & squats while folding clothes). I can't imagine what things will be like when I finally have my baby! I've also learned that some things take a back burner when something more urgent comes up. Often this means that a load of laundry will sit in the dryer a few days before it gets folded. I had to laugh when I had this conversation with Chad tonight-

Chad: Do you know where my shorts are? I can't find any of them.
Michelle: I don't know. Probably in the dryer. I did laundry today.
Chad (while searching through the dryer): I think my scrubs need to start being hung up after they're washed.
Michelle: Why? 'Cuz they're wrinkled?
Chad: I look like I'm the only one at the office who doesn't care what they look like.
Michelle: So what are you trying to say?
Chad: That I look like I'm the only one that doesn't care what they look like.
Michelle: No, you're trying to say that your wife isn't very good at laundry...
Chad (in corrective tone): No, you do great at laundry!
Michelle: Well good. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing then.

I gotta love him. He's so fun to tease sometimes.


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I can totally see you doing all those exercises as you do your household chores. I love the prego pictures...you look adorable.

  2. I can see you doing the household chores while cleaning too. Very Michelle. I love in the ultrasound how you can see him sucking.

  3. I've seen the exercise while cleaning frenzy. It is a sight to behold!!!! I feel I'm one of the lucky ones who has seen it first hand.

    So good talking to you Meesh.