Here you go Shannon...me at 6 months!

Shannon has been wanting to see what me and my pregnant self look like. Since I've been doing so many projects I feel like I'm never looking picture worthy. Lucky for Shannon, this cute, little town called Filley, is picture worthy. I've always wanted to stop and take pictures here, but have never had the chance. I finally snatched that chance on the way home from a doctor's appointment with Chad. I hope to take better pictures here in the future, but creativity is somewhat limited when your working with a self timer, almost dead batteries, and limited places to set up a camera.


  1. I love the old red pump station...ohhh, so quaint!

    Pregnancy fits you well...you look great!! I think those pics will be a nice keepsake for your kid...who knows, maybe years down the road they will want to take a picture in Filley, MO too!

  2. Michelle these are the cutest pregnancy pictures showing how far a long you are I have ever seen. So proud of you for not standing infront of the mirror and taking a picture of your reflection. So happy for you and chad, what a wonderful time of life you are in! love ya

  3. You look so cute!!! Thanks for posting those for me. I love that spot. It is so cool. You really look great!! Can't wait to see you in December!!!!!!