Max & me

I recently watched some tutorials on some different lighting techniques & was anxious to try them out.  (I apologize if you're sick of seeing pictures of me once again.  I was the only subject willing & available to practice on).  I waited for a time when both boys were asleep and I headed down to my little studio, set up everything aanndd...Max woke up.  So he joined me for this photo shoot.  (I wish you could see his cute chubby face better, but every time I got him facing the camera he decided to have a crying spell- but more pictures to come...).

Anyways, for you photography techies out there, these were taken using a white backdrop with one soft box placed camera left.  I still have so much more experimenting & tweaking I want to do...but that will have to wait for another day when Max hasn't had it with me.


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