Max's baby blessing

Sunday, April 29, we had Max's baby blessing. My in-laws came out for it. Holding true to tradition, we took pictures after church with the new baby.

Kyra & Brigham drove out for the blessing and stopped by to visit before they had to head back home. To occupy the kids, Chad took the kids out to the back porch & turned on a bubble maker. The kids loved it and danced around with delight. Soon Kyra and me were lost in conversation. That is until Kyra asked were Chad was. He went to take a nap. We both looked at each other & I asked Kyra if she was thinking what I was thinking...the kids...adult supervision!!  I ran to the back door to find this...
If anyone will find/make a mess, it will be Kyra's Gracie (infamous for her creativity with items such as bag balm, a permanent marker, and her mother's make-up)!

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  1. Oh my goodness...what a beautiful family.