How do you know when your toddler is ready for a "big boy bed"? This is a question Chad & me have discussed a few times. I think Liam has answered that for us.

Today Chad put Liam down for a nap before going out to mow the lawn. I was nursing & drifted off for a much needed nap. I'm not sure how long I'd been sleeping, maybe a half an hour, but I was woken up by one enthusiastic toddler laughing as he jumped from the coffee table to the couch onto me. I assumed he'd woken up & Chad had gotten him from his crib. I later asked Chad about it & he was surprised thinking that I had been the one to get him from his crib.

As you will see from the video below, we knew that having a crib by some bookshelves was problematic, so we've made a point to move his crib away from the bookshelves during naptime. Guess even that isn't working now. Time for a big boy bed!

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