General Conference pictures April 2013

Another general conference has come & gone. It was awesome & I will be reviewing each talk, because there was just so much to learn & take in! But it definitely left me uplifted & inspired to strive a little more to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

And holding true to tradition, it was time for another semi-annual family picture.  Usually we set up the tripod & fire away with my remote for my camera. But seeing how my remote was in a backpack that was left on a plane in Belgium, we did something new. My sister came along & I took their fam pictures & then I handed off my camera to her & let her shoot ours.

She did a good job...but we didn't make it easy!  For ex, this picture may or may not have been highly photoshopped to eliminate a few tantrums.
fam revise2w
Oh, brothers!

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