At the end of July, I photographed my first wedding.  I was paranoid about what the lighting might be like...so I reluctantly bought my first flash, a sigma 530 super...and a book to help teach myself...and I stalked the internet for information and tutorials.  Then I became even more intimidated- ETTL, TTL, slave and master flashes, transreceivers, hotshoes, umberellas, softboxes, fill flash, bounce flash, bounce cards, lightstands, Gong...what the heck?!?  And I thought Spanish was a hard language for me to learn!!  Luckily, I didn't have to use my flash much during the wedding.  :)

Well, I've reached a point where I now want to learn flash.  As with anything, sometimes the doing is the best teacher.  Here's some of my practice pictures.  I know my flash pictures look a LOT different than the natural light photos.  (Different look, but I think it's kinda fun).  I know that it can be fine tuned a little more to be more subtle.  I'm still learning.  And hopefully, I'll one day look back onto this post and think...how embarrassing that I posted those pictures!  But hey, we all gotta start somewhere :)

Below are all pictures taken with my flash. I did no color or exposure correction to any of these pictures in this post.  (Sorry, I know there's a lot.  I was having fun playing yesterday.)

Yes, this below one got a little too much flash.  But had to include it because I love their expressions.  They both love to sing!

I always swore I wouldn't be one of those moms that went out in public with children covered in food...now I'm oblivious to it and we both go in public with food on us (oh, and snot).

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