Mission Shoes

I want to remember more of the little details.  Never the end of my mission in Spain, I saw some pictures on a CD of one of my prior companions.  She'd taken pictures of all the details that I never even thought of taking- flowers in bloom, store displays, popular food dishes, fashions currently in style in Spain.  Why hadn't I thought of that?!  Well, I'm starting today.  Here's something that I've kept from my mission that I don't want to forget- my shoes.  I wore them the longest of any shoes I had (in fact, I wore them to the end).  They were terribly worn out, lost all their traction, and gave me painful plantar fascitis...but I love them!  And I want to remember them.  (Thank you Anna for inspiring me to capture the little things...and for letting me buy the same shoes as you!)

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  1. This is a great idea! I love all your pictures you take too! keep posting them they are beautiful. The one with your shoes is really a beautiful way to remember your mission. I love that! I've never seen anyone do that before.