I heart faces- orange

Okay, I thought I had my picture for I Heart's challenge this week...until I went to the park this afternoon with my son. There were some beautiful trees today that were ripe with color. We played in the leaves and I pulled out my fisheye. So fun!

*I don't have an actual fish-eye lens.  This is just an attachment.  Only $30.  I love it!  Have a look at the rest of my "orange" pics on my home page if you want to see more examples of my "fish-eye".


  1. Cute! How did you delete your other entry? Pretty sure the rules said you couldn't change your picture once you submitted :) I wanted to redo mine because I misspelled orange. Nerd alert! :D

    I can' even get onto iheart faces so many entries!!

    But seriously Michelle, I wish we lived closer to each other so you could do our pictures! And so you could teach me a thing or two!! xoxo

  2. LOVE IT! Awesome expression and the cropping is excellent!

  3. my other one is deleted! i hope i'm not disqualified because of that. :( how sad.

  4. too cute! i want a fish eye so badly! :-)

  5. it's just a fish-eye attachment...like $30. sooo worth it! it's fun to play around with :)