I Heart Faces | Silhouettes

This week's theme- Silhouettes.  I took this last week when I was doing someone's family pictures.  The sunset was beautiful and I love that they had horses to include in their family pictures!

There's TONS of beautiful silhouette pictures to be found at I Hearts if you click on the link below the picture...and there's even a tutorial on how to take silhouette pictures.  So fun!  Check it out.


  1. What a fun photoshoot! Nice pic.

  2. You are too nice. The wet baby ones are so out of focus. BUT it was just a quick shot. We were soaked and the storm that had rolled in was dark!

    I still have high hopes for a 5d mark ii and the lenses I want. Someday :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! Everything about it. The sun rays in the sky. The clouds. And let's be honest I am a sucker for a cowboy and horses {wink}

  3. WOW. Beautiful. Was this w/ a wide-angle lens? Such a great shot!

  4. i'm just gonna respond on here like i expect you to come back and see my response :)

    thanks brooke. one day when we see each other you're going to give me tips on how you always have such sharp images.

    and christina-about a wide angle lens- i think i used a tamaron 28-75mm 2.8 and i'm sure i was pretty zoomed out.

  5. I have no idea. I only have one lens and an old camera :)

    So what lens do you use the most? I have done a few family pictures recently and I am not loving my 50mm for doing big groups. I LOVE it for my kids :) But need something else!

  6. oh man! i wish you could give me some cool insight/trick...maybe it's just ur talent or something :)

    i've only had the tamaron 28-75 for like a month and i love it! it now stays on my camera body all the time. it's my lens of choice for family pictures (before i was using my 50 mm too). it's nice to be able to quickly zoom out and be able to fit everyone in the picture rather than having to "manually zoom out" with my feet. :)

    i know that L-series lenses are the best thing out there and maybe they are and maybe i'm ignorant cuz i haven't played around with them, but i think my tamaron lenses do a great job...and they are soo much cheaper and the warranty is great! i have no regrets!

  7. my 50 is never clean and crisp unless I am doing one person. . . otherwise it's just odd looking to me. My favorite photographer says she only uses 50, 85 and 35. And I just don't understand how it looks so amazing. . . guess I have a lot to learn :)